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Rice Swept by Texas A&M Corps Cadets
April 18, 2016, 5:32 pm
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Rice faced the Texas A&M Corps Cadets in Houston this past weekend in a three game series. The Owls needed to sweep to guarantee an appearance in the club baseball playoffs.

Chris Thomas (’18 Wiess) started the Saturday game. He pitched 5 strong innings, with Daniel Weinberg (’19 Wiess) closing the final two innings. The Owls scored 6 runs in a gritty fashion with well-timed and well-placed hits from many members of the team. However, A&M took advantage of some lucky hits and errors to take the lead. Unfortunately the Owls comeback effort was not enough, and despite Weinberg’s massive rally cap and the tying run on second, A&M took the 8-6 victory. Devastated at the loss, many team members enjoyed the on-campus toga party a bit too much.

For the Sunday doubleheader, Daniel Russell (’19 Will Rice) started the first game. After a rough first inning, Russell settled in a pitched 6.1 strong innings. Perry Goldstein (’18 Wiess) relieved for the final .2 innings to keep the Owls within striking distance. After a hard-fought 6 and a half innings which included an extremely hard hit double by Craig Broadman (’19 McMurtry), the Owls were down 10-7 going into the final half-inning. In this time of desperation, the rally turtle was born by Daniel Russell. After rituals and prayers to the rally turtle, the Owls scored two runs and loaded the bases. Perry Goldstein then hit a frozen rope to second that was smothered by A&M to lose the game. The rally gods had spoken. Rice lost 10-9.

Travis Guzzardo (’16 Sid Richardson) started the final game, going 1.2 innings. Sam Zapp (’18 McMurtry) relieved him, going into the 6th inning, with Daniel Weinberg once again closing the game out. As usual, the Owls kept the game within reach. The Owls nearly rallied for the lead about midway through the game with back-to-back Kenan Davis (’18 Lovett) and Chris Thomas singles followed by a Sanjiv Gopalkrishnan (’17 McMurtry) ground rule double. Unfortunately, convoluted substitution rules nullified this Rice effort. The Owls didn’t back down, with many threatening swings, including an impressive chip shot by Alex “Gibbers” Gardner (’18 Lovett) and threatening leadoffs by Peter Suzuki (’19 Martel) that led to about 10 pickoffs in one inning. The final half-inning once again saw Rice within striking distance. The Owls praised the rally turtle with more passion then they ever had before, yet still came up short. The Owls lost 8-6.

The weekend’s fungo golf course this weekend feature spacious fairways and small greens due to the nature of the baseball field. The first game of Saturday saw some new faces competing, with all of the top three players absent due to time constraints. Craig Broadman and Daniel Weinberg fought each other in a three hole playoff which ended on an amazing 2 shot hole for Daniel Weinberg to win. He is looking like a top fungo golf prospect for next year. The second game of the day saw Chris Thomas take victory with an extremely close final putt to win over Pax Kaplan-Sherman (’18 McMurtry). Going into the final day of the tour, Pax had locked first place and Chris had taken a one game lead over the field. Perry Goldstein dominated the first course of the day, winning by three strokes to tie for second place. The last fungo golf game of the year again saw Perry dominate the field. He ends the tour in second place, with Pax in first and Chris in third. Next year’s tournament will begin in McKinney, Texas at the #WoodWars tournament.

2015-2016 Fungo Golf Leaderboard

Pax- 10 wins- 1st Place

Perry- 3 wins- 2nd Place

Chris- 2 wins- 3rd Place

Kenan, Travis, David, Sanjiv, Daniel Weinberg- 1 win

Everybody else- 0 wins.

Travis Guzzardo is our only senior leaving this year. We will miss him dearly. Fortunately, we will have a lot of talent next year and will hopefully make playoffs. Thanks for the great year everyone!

With the losses, the Owls are now looking to sweep finals next week.

Noteworthy- The rain gods seem to be angry with Daniel Russell’s prayer dance for them in the final game, leading to unprecedented storms in Houston the following day……Daniel Weinberg was especially glad to be on the baseball field Sunday morning for [redacted] reasons….According to team co-president Daniel Suzuki (’18 Hanzsen), Daniel Russell caught a “bajillion” pop-ups at catcher due to the extremely large backstop of the field…..Chris Thomas almost lost the title of third slowest baseball player on the team after failing to run out an easy triple, but redeemed himself by actually getting a triple later in that same game…..Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas along with Mr. and Mrs. Gopalkrishnan to providing snacks and drinks to the team throughout the weekend!



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