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The Owls Drop Two Against UH
September 28, 2015, 10:37 am
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Rice faced the University of Houston in a doubleheader on Saturday, dropping both games. Despite the lackluster result, the team learned a lot about the new talent this year. Due to the immense interest in club baseball this year, about twenty players showed up, and every single one got playing time. The team now has so much information that they better watch out for spies and hackers from the Cardinals organization.

The first game, started by returner Chris Thomas (’18 Wiess), began with UH taking a three run lead that Rice never recovered from. Standout performances included Perry Goldstein’s (’18 Wiess) relief pitching, Jazz Hands on the base paths, and Daniel and Peter Suzuki’s Uncle (No College Affiliation), who brought cold drinks and delicious warm cookies.

Despite the rustiness of the players, the ensuing game of fungo golf was very intense. Pax Kaplan-Sherman (’18 McMurtry), Will Bower (’18 Duncan), and Perry battled at the top of the leaderboard throughout the tough course that ended with Pax winning by just 1 stroke. He pulls ahead for an early lead in the Club Baseball fungo golf leaderboards.

Will started the second game, where once again UH took advantage of the Rice team, still sluggish from an exhausting round of fungo golf and cookies. Despite the second loss of the day, the team had some positive takeaways from the games, including a solid pitching performance by Daniel Weinberg (’19 Wiess) and four different solid catching appearances on the day.

Rice takes on the #WoodWars tournament in two weeks in Dallas, where they will hopefully have better results.

2015-2016 Fungo Golf Leaderboard
Pax- 1 win
Everybody else-0 wins


2015-2016 Season Preview
September 8, 2015, 10:19 am
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After last year’s competitive 9-6 season, the Owls return this year with a large, talented recuiting class destined to push the team into the playoffs. Many of last year’s top contributors are returning, but the 8 senior leaders from the previous team will be sorely missed. Early fangraphs estimates indicate the Owls will reclaim their top position in their division with the help of an influx of Right-handed/Left-handed/Switch pitchers and actual catchers this year. In fact, this team has worked so hard their preliminary “hockey” practices have pushed members so far to the point of being sick to the stomach. The upcoming season will be an exciting one, especially with the return of the fabled trip to Tulane!

The 2015/16 Rice Club Baseball officers:

Co-Presidents/Co-Treasurers/Co-Vice presidents: Daniel Suzuki and Kenan Davis

Socials Coordinator/Webmaster: Chris Thomas

Fall 2015 Schedule:

9/26 – @ University of Houston (DH)

10/9-10/11 – Wood Wars Tournament (McKinney, TX)

10/31- @ Lonestar College (DH)

11/21-11/22- @Tulane